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Happy Tree Friends - First Blood (Vol. 1)
by Kenn Navarro, Rhode Montijo
Mondo Mini Shows (2002)
Happy Tree Friends - First Blood (Vol. 1)
5 / 10
If you and I were Bart and Lisa Simpson this would be our Itchy and Scratchy. Happy Tree Friends - First Blood (Vol. 1) by Mondo Mini Shows features 14 animated shorts, plus an ass load of bonus material (the bulk of the DVD), settling in for a running time of 140 minutes. Not too shabby. Watch as animated cutenesses get mutilated before your very eyes over and over and over again. Don’t be ashamed, it’s OK to laugh.

Featuring characters with names like Lumpy, Sniffles, Toothy and Giggles it’s almost surreal to see them lit on fire and hacked to bits. Definitely intended for mature audiences who like to indulge in lewd, childish humor. And I mean that in a good way. Think Filler Bunny.

Enjoyable as this collection is, I’ve got two qualms with Happy Tree Friends – First Blood that unfortunately bring the mindless indulgence to a screeching halt. First and foremost, if you chose to “Play All” the neurotic theme music is almost intolerable after the first few episodes. It’s 15 seconds of theme song, 60 seconds of episode, 10 seconds of theme song, looped again and again and again. It gets annoying right quick. If you really couldn’t stand it anymore and you decided to skip the intros and credits, as I did, you’re effectively skipping a third of the “Play All” running time; which in my case left me thinking “That’s it? It’s over already?”

Second, I don’t see this getting a lot of repeat play in the future, unless I’m trying to show it to friends who haven’t seen it yet. It’s a “been there - seen that” kind of video. Overall thin on substance and fat on violence, Happy Tree Friends – First Blood is definitely worth viewing, not worth owning. Save your money and watch the episodes on the website for free.
Posted by: Justin Blemly

Video Reviews (February 9th, 2005)