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Jared T. Fischer
Baltimore, MD
Jared T. Fischer is a daring writer, musician, visual and performance artist from Baltimore, MD. He founded the world music punk band Mr. Moccasin with friend Hanna Badalova and recorded two records. He also performs in lo-fi, retard rock duo Fridge A with his brother Matty Metro and friend Joy Davis. He has written for BYT, the City Paper and Metromix Baltimore, and he shares fiction, poetry and more with readers of his eccentric blog Rainbowkolor. Mr. Fischer is the creator of the North Pole Diet, a revolutionary diet that refuses restaurant food while promoting collaborative cooking and the creation of art. With Ms. Badalova, he also starred as part of the stoner horse and mule couple in the CBS animated series Creature Comforts US. Lastly, he is cofounder of both Lunchtime Phone Sex (a comedic duo with performance artist Virginia Mae Warwick) and Art Night (an underground art party established in collaboration with Krista Faist, Justin Schley and Kate Mazurek).

Audio Picks:
Cocteau Twins; Blast Off Country Style; US Maple; The Sugarcubes; B-52's; 'Til Tuesday; Marvin Gaye; The Notorious B.I.G.; Fleetwood Mac; Cat Power.

Video Picks:
Japanese films and French films

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