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Ann Everton
Baltimore, MD
Born and raised in Baltimore city, schooled in New York city and state, and London, back to Baltimore like greased lightning afterwards. I got a BA in Art/Art History and have no regrets about that, despite the degree growing dust in my closet while I earn my raw honey and grass-fed meat by barbering. Post-graduate studies at Avara's International Academy of Hair Design and Technology in Dundalk, MD--worth the price of admission 1000 times over. Now I'm into making food that doesn't get made a lot at home, like cheese and kimchee and soda from roots and berries that's usually too alcoholic for my needs.

Audio Picks:
I love Rush and Yes in a real way, also I've been feeling the Associates and Royal Trux (as well as RTX and Jennifer Herrema in general, tho I'm thinking of spending some time on the Howling Hex too), John Foxx for a lot of reasons, Marnie Stern, Scorpions/Uli Jon Roth, Ratt, Kix, Def Leppard, the Rolling Stones since as long as I've been not a little kid, and early Grateful Dead and Ken Kesey styles since I was a frying-pan tambourine orangutan stamper on the rug at my folks' house, bout 3 or 4. Cute

Video Picks:
Alien. I really had a blast with the Cassavetes movie, "Shadows", just recently. Werner Herzog in style and practice, Sweetback, Vanishing Point/Two Lane Blacktop/Zabriskie Point/Performance--really any 70s movie about the end of the world/idealistic worldviews/beyond life movies. wow I sound like a snob! Also, youtube in a real way, like Pruane2Forever and RayRaySkimps' channels. I really like that movie "Animal House", maybe for the same reasons as the hippy movies. Love them Tarantino movies too, and David Lynch, etc. I don't like the movies that wanna reinforce that I should be a spazzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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