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Tom Körp
New Jersey
Born and raised in the suburban wildernesses of western New Jersey, Tom spent his now-distant collegiate years in Baltimore's charming embrace, during which time his literary-critical faculties and nascent music snobbery were honed to a razor's edge, albeit a frightfully dull one. The combination of a stint with an undergraduate newspaper and the encouragement of certain professors helped Tom get his start down the winding and crudely-laid path of music criticism; to this day, he remains uncertain as to whether or not this was a good thing.

In his spare time (which is copious), Tom writes and illustrates the online comic series "Bear Lawyer, LLC", the title of which is fairly self-explanatory.

ADDENDUM: With the waning of Beatbots, Tom's pop-cultural musings and rock-crit ramblings, both archived and new, can now be found at 4tdot.wordpress.com. See below for contact information and associated links.

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