by Anna Louise!
It was just a fine day of bird songs
that chime with the ray of sun, bush by bush--
the fresh leaves and prinklings from young spring.

Perched by a path of dust and soil,
I am just like the dust that is placed here. Once I shed my skin
to the root of earth my arm is new, my blood is new, my flesh is new—
my heart’s still the same.

I am like the fruit that once was hung,
now all that I really am is just a pit covered in mounds of flesh.
The air wears me the way rich girls wear gold rings. The ground laced with bits
of me, it knows how to love. It loves like wolves blood-thirst for a fresh
kill of meat, cold slung in between their teeth.

Time passed like a slow train and I am still on the same track,
same place, same lights that still mean go.
Years pass with the same bird songs, the same chime from the cool winds,
but one day I will leave this place just to reach the sun.
Posted by: Anna Louise!

Poetry (January 20th, 2010)