There is an unwrapping inside me,
by Anna Louise!
it is like ribbons that later are deposited on the floor and disregarded.
I felt a shattering detonating inside my chest;
it makes my whole body quiver inside, shaken like an earthquake.

I dont even know what this is anymore--
I keep thinking about birdcages, barriers, open up gates!
or if it's even worth it? to untangle this ribbon of mess,
these silly thoughts that keep plaguing me.

Why July? Why must you burn a hole through me
and leave puddles of me in such a mess? a sweaty mess--
tear-drop shaped like buttons perspiring from the my dress.

Evaporated, I'm air-conditioned to feel this from you.
This wrangle of heat a force between
this ray of disease, smooth wind-winding breeze.
Just warn me like an annual celebration
that you're going to fuck with me.

Posted by: Anna Louise!

Poetry (May 18th, 2009)