Two Dreams
by Koye Berry
I was frightened by the gunfire
When you said you'd be my protector,
And so I followed you through
The gangland, and into the sewer,
And ultimately under arrest.
The kiss you left on the side of my head was enough
To dispel rats and rivals and all fears.

By morning,
I'd forgotten why
Or for what we were hoping;
I'd forgotten our reasons.
Did we actually believe
That boat could sustain a life
As dangerous as this?

* * *

It's my one reference point;
So, it was your lips on my neck
I felt in my hibernation.
And as your hand moved by accident
Across the incident between my legs
There was tenderness and mourning
The unreality of great love.

Posted by: Koye Berry

Poetry (September 2nd, 2008)