On The Best Days
by Logan Rosenberg
On the best days
The world is twisting away from your fingertips
And you write with letters of fire across the
Virgin sky
On the best days
You are cutting words into the
Foreheads and inner thighs
Of mailmen and librarians
You are getting back
What was promised to you
In elementary school classrooms
In televisions blaring through lazy July afternoons
In the dinosaurs’ dead bones at the museum
You are making the world pay
For Ulan Baator, for Dakar, for the Urals
For the vast plains of blank space on the maps
That you will never visit
Except in books
For the top of Everest
For hitchhiking in Iowa cornfields
For Starry Night trapped in photographs
On the best days you
Are lighting a fire underneath the world
And smiling as you watch it
Start to sweat
Posted by: Logan Rosenberg

Poetry (December 10th, 2007)