Skin Divers
by J. Bowers
I wanted to see you.
Tried to--but you
ducked behind the briars,
obscuring the hairy white flashes of your
chest and hips and ass. Oh,
we all knew what I really sought,
the money shot,
sloughing my soaked shorts off like snakeskin,
peeling off my panties, one damp leg, another--

These games were made for two.
This was your idea, after all, and so
bare, I run
weeds whipping my knees,
rocks cutting my feet, then
just falling followed by
the jolt of cold water between my thighs,
the surface spluttering, blinking, searching,
only to find that you jumped right after--
naked but G-rated, floating shoulder-deep,
so obviously nude and not mine.
Posted by: J. Bowers

Poetry (August 1st, 2006)