I want to do something stupid
by B. Kielsun
I want to do something stupid
Something I’ll regret, surely
To forsake my right to calculation
To reclaim my inheritance

To start over, in some nameless city, where we’re both strangers
Where we could take fake names
And create new me’s, and you’s
Where everyone else would be “they,” or “them”

Where we would grow weary of one another, surely
And I would crawl out the bathroom window
Or through a vent near the ceiling
Or into a melodramatic letter, or note, like I always do

“Goodbye,” scribbled on a sticky pad
Each fresh piece proclaiming the name of its newly liberated heiress
“How does it feel?”
“To be single again, surely”
“Like shit”
Posted by: B. Kielsun

Poetry (March 15th, 2006)