September 13: Beatbots @ Hampdenfest (Meatrots)
by Justin Blemly
September 13: Beatbots @ Hampdenfest (Meatrots)
Saturday, September 13th // 11AM - 7PM

It's going to be just like online, but in the meat. We'll have 100 square feet of spacious tent space for folks to hang out, drink a soda, distribute flyers, and pal around.

In the tent we'll have a big table set up, where people can leave their flyers / free zines / pins / stickers / whatever. If you run a DIY venture of any capacity in Baltimore (band, artist, venue, publication, etc) be sure to whip something up and bring it with you. Last year our booth got a ton of foot traffic and we expect even more this year.

We're still looking for a tent and chairs! If you have any lying around, consider lending them to the cause (hit us up on the message board). Basically, we can do whatever we want in the booth as far as activities go, so if you have any ideas, holler.

Here's what's happening in earshot ...

ATOMIC STAGE (36th & Falls Rd)
11AM - The Jennifers
12PM - The Lexie Mountain Boys
1PM - Thrushes
2PM - Secret Crush Society
3PM - tba
4PM - Squaaks
5PM - The Ubangis
6PM - Pulaski

Full lineup here

If you have any questions, or would like to coordinate getting your promotional materials in our hands before Hampdenfest kicks off, please drop us a line:
Posted by: Justin Blemly

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