The Essential Show List
by Emily Rabbit
10/25 Rah Brahs, MMR, VCR @ CCAS

10/25 Green Milk from the Planet Orange, The Coke Dares, Plans Plans and
Vincent Black Shadow @ Talking Head

10/26 Adult, Genders and Dan Deacon @ Ottobar

10/27The Anomoanon, the Strugglers, and Wax & Wane @ Talking Head

10/27 Ponytail, Ho-Ag, Dancing Feet March To War, Glaz Almaz @ CCAS

10/28 The Spark, Formaldehyde Junkies, Deep Sleep, Jean Mills Society Torch @ CCAS

10/30 Early Man, Fishnet Stalkers and Geisha Lightning @ Ottobar

11/3 Golgol Bordello @ Ottobar

11/3 DMBQ, An Albatross, Get Hustle, Fascist Fascist @Talking Head

11/4 Astronautalis, Jason Dove, News Travels Fast @ 49 West

11/5 Soft Circle, Lichens, Grizzly Bear @ Talking Head

11/5 More Dogs, Double Dagger, The Convocation, Videohippos @ G Spot

11/7 Andrew Bird and Head of Femur @ Black Cat

11/9 Blood on the Wall, Calvin Johnston, and Tender Forever @ Ottobar

11/10 The Heavycoats, The Close, and The Daggerhearts @ Talking Head

11/12 Celebration, J Roddy Walston and the Business @ Talking Head

11/14 Modey Lemon & Big Bear @ Warehouse Next Door

11/15 The Briefs, Clit 45, National Razor, and the Dials @ Ottobar

11/16 Blood Baby, Big Bear and Voltage @ Ottobar

11/17 Mommy and Daddy @ Talking Head

11/18 Les Savy Fav @ VCWV (Richmond VA)

11/19 The Oranges Band, Two if By Sea, and The Convocation @Sonar

11/19 Quintron and Miss Pussycat @ Warehouse Next Door

11/22 Ted Leo and the Rx @ Ottobar

11/23 Hawnay Troof, Barr, Chromatics, PT Burnem @ Talking Head

11/25 Jason Dove CD Release w/ Victory Party, Gary B and the Notions, and
Roman Kuebler @ Talking Head

12/6 American Analog Set @ Black Cat

12/6 X and Julianna Hatfield @ Sonar

12/21 Princess @ DC9
Posted by: Emily Rabbit

Features (October 25th, 2005)