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Luxury EP
by Double Dagger
Self Released (2006)
Luxury EP
7 / 10
Luxury is a new EP from Baltimore post-punk mouthpiece, Double Dagger. Four demo tracks for an upcoming full length titled Ragged Rubble due out in spring 2007 on Stationary (Heart) Recordings.

Since their 2004 self-titled full length Double Dagger has recruited former Economist drummer Denny Bowen, who’s made a great fit to the band. Bass player Bruce Willen’s parts are noticeably thicker and more versatile than his previous efforts. On EP opener “The Psychic” he creates a swirling melody that builds as the song progresses into a furious wall of sound. Singer Nolen Stral’s vocals sound more urgent and inflammatory than ever, gravitating here towards themes of modern consumer culture and the yuppification of Baltimore city. On “Luxury Condos for the Poor” he decries, "you've lived here your whole life / well it's time to get out / we're building waterfront grave sites, 30 stories high / where dreams of fictional people live, while the city around you dies". A serious document of what’s going on in the “Greatest City in America” right now.

Overall the band is sounding a lot more assured. Imagine if you will a post art-school Double Dagger. A Double Dagger that’s older, wearier. That's been around the block a few times; that's finally found its stride. They’ve ditched the graphic-design shtick that dominated their earlier recordings and are looking to make a bigger dent this time around.

Unfortunately, like their 2004 full length, this EP is out of print – so you’ll be hard pressed to find a copy for purchase. If Luxury is any indication, their next album is going to rule. Be sure to pick up a copy of Ragged Rubble when it comes out.
Posted by: Justin Blemly

Audio Reviews (April 12th, 2007)