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Neon Creeps
by O Pioneers!!!
Asian Man / Kiss of Death Records (2009)
Neon Creeps
4 / 10
This sorta sounds like some high school aged kids (though apparently they're a bit older) who really like Against Me! and Rancid (and other "punk" with a capital mohawk bands), but have just been introduced to Braid and had their minds blown, so they decided to form a band and have a go at combining those indie pop guitar lines with some uber-defiant lyrics about drama, problems, cool kids, boring towns, and not wanting to fit in. The music's not terrible, and it's actually pretty decent when it most successfully mimics bands like Braid, Christie Front Drive, and early Cursive, but I'm having a really hard time taking it seriously when the lyrics are so insipid. I really feel like I'm listening to a 15-year old talk about how he's gonna tear the system down because he just can't relate to the popular kids at school and if he can just move to the city and become part of a community of like-minded outcasts then life will truly be worth living and everything will be OK. I could maybe turn the other cheek on the lyrics if it seemed like they were an afterthought to some incredibly creative and unique instrumentation, but I'm just not getting that vibe here. The music's not that good. If you're a teenager who just found out about The Broadways, Operation Ivy, and Bright Eyes, or an adult enamored by the simple pleasantries of Ghost Mice and Paul Baribeau then this is an album for you. If you're a bit older and prefer punk bands that know how to age gracefully, keep spinning those None More Black records and hold on to those dreams of another Avail album in the near future.
Posted by: Mike Riley

Audio Reviews (June 22nd, 2009)