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Gentleman Jesse and His Men
by Gentleman Jesse and His Men
Douchemaster Records (2008)
Gentleman Jesse and His Men
9 / 10
You may or may not be familiar with this (former?) Carbonas' member's solo project. If you missed out on Gentleman Jesse's debut single then you seriously effed up. No shit. Seriously. Easily the best powerpop single of 2007 (technically 2006 since it came out in December of that year, but screw it, it doesn't matter, best powerpop single of the last ten years). Seriously. Douchemaster Records. Check it out. If you don't love the A-side ("I Don't Wanna Know") then you can't be my friend. It's that simple.

Douchemaster Records has done us the immense favor of bringing us GJ&HM's full-length and it is no less fantastic than that single was. Joe Jackson? Chump. Elvis Costello? Amateur. Nick Lowe? Don't make me laugh. Gentleman Jesse is the new king of Purepopperfectionville. Put your dancin' shoes on, shine 'em up good, and scamper on down to the malt shop with your boombox blaring this 12" and just watch the girls' with their ponytails and poofy skirts heads spin and the greasy haired, leather jacketed, tough guy rockers' fingers get to snappin'. OK, screw that, there's no throwback crap going on here. It's not about recreating some long forgone era of the late 70s or early 80s and their nostalgia trip. It's just about writing great pop songs. No bullshit.

Dave Carbona did a fine job of recording (and playing drums on) this album. The guitars jangle so sweetly, the tambourines shimmer crisply, the hand claps clap so get the point. Like I've been saying, it's pretty much perfect. Somebody get this guy to actually play a show around here. Please.

(Yeah, I gave this record that I just drooled all over a 9. You're not getting a 10 unless you're Minor Threat, the Ergs, the Replacements, or Gorilla Biscuits.)
Posted by: Mike Riley

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