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Transmit! Transmit!
by New Bruises
Kiss of Death Records (2006)
Transmit! Transmit!
5 / 10
From the ashes of Pennsylvania's mid-90s indie/emo darlings, Mid-Carson July, comes New Bruises. The brothers have since moved to Gainesville and turned up their amps and the tempo just a bit. The Gainesville punk sound is there with mid-paced to faster melodic punk and a bit of grit to the vocals. The closest comparison made would be to Long Island's Latterman, who often sounded like they should be Hot Water Music's kid brothers. So there's that Gainesville full-circle for you. They've got the musical build-ups and rousing group choruses that scream optimism, but end up seeming a bit uninspired.

The lyrics touch on a lot of the standard punk social topics about the media, consumerism, following your heart, questioning authority, and so on, but unfortunately they're not coming up with any new or interesting ways of saying the same old thing. The music follows suit with decent but ultimately forgettable song-writing. It's a decent one-time listen that, with some fine-tuning and fat-trimming, has the potential for something really solid in the future. Let's keep our fingers crossed for them.
Posted by: Mike Riley

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