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by Carbonas
Goner Records (2007)
8 / 10
You know these guys. Every town has a few of their own. Dudes so ridiculously talented that the creation of something amazing happens so effortlessly that its pretty much become second nature to them. So much so that they don't really see what the big deal is. It doesn't help that they're generally more focused on getting some cheap liquor and free pills than they are on remembering to bring their records and t-shirts to the show. I'm sure you know at least someone like this. Fortunately for Atlanta the town is loaded with these types, and five of them have come together to form one of the catchiest punk/rock bands going.

Goner Records brings us the band's newest full-length and boy-oh-boy is it a real rocker. The band has managed to maintain their balance between late '70s powerpop, early '80s punk, and the raw garage rock of the same eras, all the while not directly ripping off any particular bands. They've combined the raw yet melodic ferocity of the Zero Boys with the bouncy hooks of the Undertones, then they spit it at you with that rock n roll sneer. This is leather jackets covered in pins from bands like the Jam, the Adolescents, the Real Kids, and Black Flag, tight denim, striped t-shirt, greasy hair punk/rock. This is teenage dorks bopping and pogoing around the smoky club on a Monday night. This is that gem you taped off of Rodney on the ROQ but could never find a copy of because the label only pressed 300 copies. This is not downloaded to a desktop and played at work while you enter meaningless crap into some Excel file, this is spun at 33rpm on your turntable and blasted through your bedroom walls. This is all that and more.

Record store. Go. Now. That is if your town is lucky enough to still have one.
Posted by: Mike Riley

Audio Reviews (December 21st, 2007)