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Chart Pimp
by Part Chimp
Monitor Records (2004)
Chart Pimp
8 / 10
Part Chimp delivers loud as fuck rock music. The kind of rock music you can only seem to find these days in the deep dark crevices of popular “underground” music. Yelled-sung vocals bleed out as distorted guitars chug and wail feedback over fuzz-drudgey bass lines and driving percussion. Chart Pimp is an extremely powerful first-proper full length from London quartet Part Chimp; released on Mogwai’s Rock Action (UK distribution) and Monitor Records (US distribution). Let Part Chimp baptize you in the swirling, muddy waters of rock redemption. A sonic slap in the face to the unbelievers!
Posted by: Justin Blemly

Audio Reviews (October 27th, 2004)