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I was instructed to ask if you believe In rubbing the big bellies of Buddhas or trolls. If so, I must know Whether you wish and what upon--- The arc of a comet, The depth of a well? There may be heavy lashes And level teeth, Friends or interests that mend our separation--- We may have many mutual things--- But nothing, nothing without luck: My namesake. ... Continue Reading

Posted: April 29th, 2008

Margarita, no salt: Chalk it up to wisdom--- To purity, these lilies. I am, all by myself, a child and mother of God, Of Jehovah, of whatever these no-vowel markings could mean. I am two sides of one scale. My ID, what will it say? 23? She says I look 8. She says I've a child's face. It's the correct date, incorrect weight. Out of state, take it on faith. ... Continue Reading

Posted: April 9th, 2008

Heather translated a line of Turkish Poetry as, “I’ve smelled a follicle Of your hair,” which put me in mind of the Stamen on the coffee table, lily’s Grotesque protrusion made the living room Reek of a funeral or of stale, strong Perfume, Mrs. Havisham’s bed, pink crimes, Indoor atrocities in wintertime; The pollen is near dripping off its tip, And so it’s obvious why I can’t help ... Continue Reading

Posted: February 4th, 2008

Sunlight spreads The scent of orange blossom from my skin. I am at once water and wind, What washes away the shoreline houses And causes sailors and natives alike To tremble. A voice From the eye of the wave Asks my name. I ignore it. Moving, I turn the iris patch: They chart my trail; they track me, But cannot follow. I desire, rather, Roses To attend to my ascension. ... Continue Reading

Posted: February 1st, 2008

And you will know me by the shells Long after I'm gone. They will remind you That I was never a child, not even in birth. Still, We revolve around these fixed stars--- Our romance was great, But our marriage was poor. ... Continue Reading

Posted: January 10th, 2008

Perhaps my lips are too close; It's all I can do to breathe in your presence. And I know, no matter what you say, That I am tied with ribbon and string And found under some trees. Perhaps I am trying too hard, Or maybe unable to soften The articulation of the words I wish to say--- Sing, rather, brilliantly to you So that you will pass them on. Perhaps I am timid And it's public. It ... Continue Reading

Posted: December 17th, 2007

On the best days The world is twisting away from your fingertips And you write with letters of fire across the Virgin sky On the best days You are cutting words into the Foreheads and inner thighs Of mailmen and librarians You are getting back What was promised to you In elementary school classrooms In televisions blaring through lazy July afternoons In the dinosaurs’ dead bones at ... Continue Reading

Posted: December 10th, 2007

So, let's create Germanic emotions Such as "The state of missing someone as only a sexual object" Or "The contentment that accompanies anger rather than sadness." English has failed to express how I feel. It's the first time since the last in-person That I have looked at a still of your face. "The state of mourning a relationship that never was" Has passed and ushered in "An ache that ... Continue Reading

Posted: December 3rd, 2007

He leaned over Out of his bucket seat Hand on the dash A couple days ago Some scientists had frozen a sheep Replaced all its fluids with a saline solution And kept it in a cold sleep for five days He said they put new blood in on the sixth day And it woke up With no evident damage The way he said this, He could have easily been passing me a worn pamphlet Or an apple The ramificati ... Continue Reading

Posted: October 21st, 2007

He goes hunting He makes his keys And when he comes to bed He goes right to sleep And when he speaks to me I sit at his feet Then when he's said his peace He goes right to sleep I tried to show him sun Rising in the east But he just stayed inside And went right to sleep Mama, I am willing And I am sweet But now for seven years He's gone right to sleep ... Continue Reading

Posted: July 15th, 2007

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