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I’ll admit from the get-go that I’ve been vaguely aware of Blonde Redhead for a few years now. FYI, that’s an apology for a delayed reaction, not a defense of “I was there first” indie-rock cred. My friend Jason had mentioned them in passing during my junior year of college (’04-’05), and so I duly downloaded (legally, I think) the title track from their then-current album, Misery is a Butterfly. ... Continue Reading

Posted: May 26th, 2007

There is a lot to be said for warmth—for fuzz, buzz, scuzz, skronk, and all of those ingeniously onomatopoetic terms that rock-crits lob in the general direction of lo-fi production values, overdriven guitars, and tube amps. Above all other terms in the rock-crit lexicon, warmth is the one word most-associated with imperfection in music. Think of the overwhelming sonic splang and drone of a VOX or ... Continue Reading

Posted: May 5th, 2007

Luxury is a new EP from Baltimore post-punk mouthpiece, Double Dagger. Four demo tracks for an upcoming full length titled Ragged Rubble due out in spring 2007 on Stationary (Heart) Recordings. Since their 2004 self-titled full length Double Dagger has recruited former Economist drummer Denny Bowen, who’s made a great fit to the band. Bass player Bruce Willen’s parts are noticeably thicker an ... Continue Reading

Posted: April 12th, 2007

Love him or hate him, there’s no denying Damon Albarn’s continued status as one of England’s most prominent and prolific modern cultural icons. Thrust into the public eye during the 1990s, when his art-punk-turned-nationalist movement-turned-art-punk again flagship project, Blur, essentially created the Britpop genre, Albarn could have easily faded into obscurity after manufactured pop “bands” ... Continue Reading

Posted: April 11th, 2007

Often enough in life, I’ve found that the best things come upon you unexpectedly. It’s hard to say whether this is due to simple kismet—where all good things are like gifts from an itinerant relative, unsought-for and endowed with sentiments that belie their apparent tschotchke-ness—or a more complicated result of over-anticipating an end-line goal, thereby crafting expectations that can never be ... Continue Reading

Posted: April 10th, 2007

If I were forced—most likely at gunpoint, perhaps with threats of unspeakable violence or horrific personal degradation—to describe the Seldon Plan’s Making Circles in one word, it would be “nostalgic.” But, like the above aside would indicate, I’m hardly one to settle for one mere qualifier; in the parlance of our times, that’s not how I roll. This is an album review, not a quotable sound-bite ... Continue Reading

Posted: April 9th, 2007

The majority of our local readers should be at least vaguely familiar with the work of Noah Lennox, erstwhile Baltimorean and drummer for the Brooklyn-based freak-folk menagerie, Animal Collective. In addition to his work with the Collective, Jane, and Together, Noah Lennox also maintains his own zoölogical side-project, Panda Bear. Fed a steady diet of bamboo shoots and allotted plenty of time fo ... Continue Reading

Posted: March 30th, 2007

The Montauk Project, hailing from the crunk-spawning grounds of urban Atlanta, Georgia, produces the darkest kind of squawking, artfully discordant instrumental computer music available to humankind. Their debut album, Transmission From Lake Vostok, is named after the largest of more than 140 subglacial lakes found under the surface of Antarctica, purported to be the site of a possible Nazi base t ... Continue Reading

Posted: March 26th, 2007

There’s a grand tradition of protest music among the pop stars of the United Kingdom, seemingly more so than here in the U.S. Radiohead, for instance, has continued to make complex rock that can be read on a subjective, emotional level, as well as from a subtler political perspective. And now, the U.K. has given us the swaggering, angular form of Jarvis Cocker, former Pulp frontman, risen dram ... Continue Reading

Posted: March 26th, 2007

Many artists expend the entirety of their musical genius over the span of a single record. Others arc gracefully over the course of many years, honing their craft, expanding, writing, revising, tweaking. El-P, inimitable producer-of-record and co-founder of the indie hip hop banner Def Jux, is the latter. Listening to I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead, one can hear every compulsive twitch, every obse ... Continue Reading

Posted: March 20th, 2007

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