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All Our Noise, DC based independent media journal, sat down with Fan Death Records founders Sean Gray and Chris Berry to discuss the history of the label, DNA Test Fest, and why the DC scene sucks. Check out the full article and parts two and three of the interview on the AON website.

Is This Racist?

Episode 2

Emily Slaughter and Mickey Freeland, Baltimore’s ultimate and penultimate authorities (respectively) on Race and Racism have teamed up to bring you an exciting and intellectually stimulating new episode of their podcast: Is This Racist? Over the course of roughly an hour, Emily and Mickey will play us potentially un-PC songs from all corners of the past century of popular culture and determine, once and for all, which are deserving of the “Racist” stamp. Join them for an inane hour of discussion, argument and nutty music on their new podcast. Enjoy!


Download: Is This Racist? (Episode 2)

Karl Blau

Photo by Valerie Paulsgrove for Bmore Musically Informed

Karl Blau
The Windup Space
Baltimore, MD
November 1, 2009

1. Looky Looky Look Look Look
2. Waiting for the Wind
3. MT Handed
4. Nothing
5. Goodbye Little Song
6. Welcome In NW
7. Apology to Pollinateurs
8. Dark Sedan

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Taper: Ben Bass (bbass2@students.towson.edu)

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Beautiful Swimmers - O YEA

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Beautiful Swimmers is the disco-house duo of DC’s Andrew Field-Pickering (Future Times, Food For Animals) and Ari Goldman. Video by Aurora Halal & Ashiq Khondker.


Henry Owings, mastermind behind Chunklet Magazine and Baltimore show-goer in the late 80s, just did us all a great service and unearthed a live recording he made of Lungfish at the Autohaus (Baltimore) in 1991. Here it is, direct from the soundboard to your ear drums almost twenty years later, thanks to that time machine we like to call the internet.

More info and download: Lungfish - Baltimore 1991

Ecstatic Sunshine // Perrier from Mark Brown on Vimeo.

Editor’s note: A lost post from the A/V Club archives

New shit from Baltimore’s Better Hollywood Productions. Call now, while supplies last.


Out of Your Head
The Windup Space
Baltimore, MD
October 27, 2009

1. Improv 1
2. Improv 2
3. Improv 3
4. Improv 4
5. Improv 5

Download MP3: http://www.box.net/shared/dpn538ognb
Download FLAC: http://www.box.net/shared/ceu5mnf465

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