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Drunkdriver live at Golden West Cafe on February 27, 2010. Video by Scott Russell.

Guy Werner lives in Baltimore and messes with video on occasion. When he isn’t taping a local band’s set or making a bad video installation he is working in the “event industry” or at the Metro Gallery. Guy produces the Baltimore talk show “The Ed Schrader Show” which can be funny every so often. He also does video for the “Mobtown Modern” series and is one of the curators of “Videopolis”, a film and video festival held yearly at the Metro Gallery.

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Jon Salvia is a Masters student in Film and Video at American University in Washington, D.C.

My friend Gayla Lee is a glass artist based out of Annapolis, MD. She creates beautiful platters, jewelry, and assorted glass based art. The idea was to film her creation process and tell her story. She was kind enough to let me do this short documentary bio on her for a film school project. Check out her work at gaylalee.com and support an aspiring artist!

Putty Hill is a new feature-length film project by Baltimore filmmaker Matt Porterfield (director of Hamilton). A fundraiser and preview screening for the film is happening on Monday, February 1 at The Charles Theater at 9PM. Don’t miss it! RSVP

Putty Hill: A young man dies of a heroin overdose in an abandoned house in Baltimore. On the eve of his funeral, family and friends gather to commemorate his life. Their shared memories paint a portrait of a community hanging in the balance, skewed by poverty, city living, and a generational divide, united in their pursuit of a new American Dream.

All Our Noise, DC based independent media journal, sat down with Fan Death Records founders Sean Gray and Chris Berry to discuss the history of the label, DNA Test Fest, and why the DC scene sucks. Check out the full article and parts two and three of the interview on the AON website.

Beautiful Swimmers is the disco-house duo of DC’s Andrew Field-Pickering (Future Times, Food For Animals) and Ari Goldman. Video by Aurora Halal & Ashiq Khondker.

Ecstatic Sunshine // Perrier from Mark Brown on Vimeo.

Editor’s note: A lost post from the A/V Club archives

New shit from Baltimore’s Better Hollywood Productions. Call now, while supplies last.