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Putty Hill is a new feature-length film project by Baltimore filmmaker Matt Porterfield (director of Hamilton). A fundraiser and preview screening for the film is happening on Monday, February 1 at The Charles Theater at 9PM. Don’t miss it! RSVP

Putty Hill: A young man dies of a heroin overdose in an abandoned house in Baltimore. On the eve of his funeral, family and friends gather to commemorate his life. Their shared memories paint a portrait of a community hanging in the balance, skewed by poverty, city living, and a generational divide, united in their pursuit of a new American Dream.

For three burgeoning filmmakers looking to put their city on the colossal map that is hip-hop, there’s no time like the present to pinpoint their hometown as a region that will be justly known for its booming musical landscape in the near future. Matthew “J.O.” Cooper, J. Lynn and Timothy Cooper have created the full-length documentary Paused in Time–one of the first films to fully capture the unique scene that is Baltimore hip-hop. As the city emerges in musical circles with its signature club music–with artists such as Kanye West and Swizz Beats integrating the sound made famous by B-More icons DJ Equalizer, DJ Class and the late DJ K Swift–these three filmmakers look to build off of this momentum as they present each eclectic musical palette that their city has to offer.

For more information visit: http://www.youtube.com/pausedintime

DVD Release Party

hello hello hello,

This is a trailer for a collaboration film between me and Human Host. I did all the visuals and they did all the audio. The full film is about eighteen minutes long and consists of warped footage I shot with a hidden camera inside of three malls in Baltimore (Towson, the Gallery, and the Rotunda). There is no story. We’ll be screening it at Charm City Art Space in March and some other places later on, and it’s going to be released on DVD by local label Human Conduct around the same time.

Here’s a short trailer for my new short subject documentary, “Post It.” The film focuses on local graphic design duo Post Typography, which is comprised of Bruce Willen and Nolen Strals (also members of the awesome awesome Double Dagger). DVDs will be available before the end of the year…