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Music Video, News, Video : Greetings!

February 15th, 2008

My name is Mark Brown and I’m honored to be contributing to the Beatbots A/V Club.

Let me tell you a bit about myself while doing some shameless promo: I’m a recent MICA graduate (of the Interactive Media Department), a member of the Wham City Artist Collective For The Promotion of Progressive Gatherings, co-founder of the experimental music and video happening Are We Not Men?!, and manager of the Cage & Media Lab @ The Creative Alliance.

I make experimental animations and conduct live video experiments at social gatherings around Baltimore and beyond. I’m also a DJ. The following piece is an animation I created for Dan Deacon

DAN DEACON // MARK BROWN from Mark Brown on Vimeo.


I’m Kristen Anchor and someday soon I’m going to start posting videos of bands and performance art (from around Baltimore) here in Beatbotsland. I am pumped. If you’d like me to shoot video of your show drop me a line and I’ll see what I can do.

I’ve been a Baltimoron for about 11 years. My day job is running CAmm (Creative Alliance MovieMakers) - booking screenings, workshops, the equipment cage, media lab, etc. I play drums with The Degenerettes (rock n roll) and also have a multimedia/music project called Connie and Bonnie Show (arty farty but still a little rock n roll). I’ve been making short videos for about 8 years or so, most of them pretty silly and short, but I’ve screened stuff at festivals all over and self published a couple of DVD compilations.

A lot of my movies are on youtube and some are on iFilm.com. Might as well air my dirty laundry. My most ‘famous’ video is also the dumbest video I’ve ever made but for like a day it was number 3 on iFilm. It is also seasonally appropriate so here ya go:

Pez Porno

Posted Jul 17, 2006

A couple of Santa Pez dispensers are gettin’ it on!


The bulk of the recordings that you’ll find here from me come from whatever recent shows I hit. From time to time I might take a stroll through my taping past and put up a show that I thought was memorable and good. It could be a show from a national act, like The Funky Meters, a more local act like Baby Aspirin. Or it could be a show that you would like me to upload to the Beatbots A/V Club. If you check out my blog, take a peek at my recordings and let me know if there’s something that piques your interest and I might upload it for you. I say might because, while all of the bands have given me permission to tape their shows, not all bands are comfortable with their shows showing up on the internet. Most recordings from An die Musik in Baltimore can not be put online, but most all recordings that I’ve made at other venues can.

If you have any requests, feel free to contact me (macroint) on the Beatbots message board, or thru regular e-mail at jm292@yahoo.com. Similarly, if there is a show taking place and you would like to ask me to tape it, send me a message, preferably as soon as the show is announced (I need to get permissions, if necessary, and make sure my taping schedule is free) and I’ll definitely see what I can do (this offer is only valid for shows that take place in Baltimore…don’t bother asking me to drive down to DC or up to Philly for a show). You can check out my current taping schedule (nothing is etched in stone) at my calender.



Hey oorbody,

I’m Grox (or N.O. Smith or Nick or Nicky or etc.), and I film shows in the Baltimore area. My main goal in doing this to provide not only exposure for myself over the internet, but also for the bands that I film. I try and let everyone I film know as quick as possible when I put videos of them out into the electronic ether. Over the past year and a half, I’ve filmed too many shows to count, and spent too much money on tapes. As a result, I have a large amount of my shows on YouTube. Usually, when I film a show, I’ll put it up within the next day or two. You can view my YouTube channel here (along with a complete list of the bands that I’ve filmed over the past couple years). Here’s my MySpace page, too.

I’ll post a brand new video later today to get the a/v club started nicely. Njoi!

At long last, the rag-tag audio / video supplement to the Beatbots webzine! Your destination for live show recordings, short films, animation and experimental video, DJ mixes, podcasts and the like - from the Baltimore / DC area and beyond! If this sounds like your kind of thing, be sure to subscribe to the A/V Club feed.If you’re in the area and you’d like to contribute to the A/V Club, please check out our Application Guidlines.

Thanks for checking in. Without further ado, I present to you … The Beatbots A/V Club!