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A short subject documentary focusing on independent and illegal venues in Baltimore. Interviewees include Dan Deacon, Max Eisenberg (a.k.a. DJ Dog Dick), Jason Urick and Shaun Flynn of WZT Hearts, Steve Thomas of the Hamilton Arts Collective, and many more.

Shut Down and Shut Up from Nicky Smith on Vimeo.

During July 2006, I made a short documentary piece on noise music, aptly titled Noise. The film features interviews with local Baltimore noise folks such as Jason Willett, Ian Nagoski (both proprietors of Hampden’s The True Vine record store), and John Berndt, as well as Max Eilbacher, William O’Brien, Jack Patterson, and Tony Rutka. I made a small run of 25 DVD-R copies earlier this year, and now that those are gone, I’ve decided to put the whole thing up on the internet. Come on, feel the NNNNNNNNNNN_ois_EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!