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All Our Noise, DC based independent media journal, sat down with Fan Death Records founders Sean Gray and Chris Berry to discuss the history of the label, DNA Test Fest, and why the DC scene sucks. Check out the full article and parts two and three of the interview on the AON website.

On June 2, 2008, Jeff “The Taper” Mewbourn and Justin “Beatbots Founder” Blemly were interviewed on WYPR’s Maryland Morning program on 88.1FM in Baltimore. Here it is for your listening pleasure. The interview is about 12 minutes long and features snippets from three of Jeff’s live recordings: Double Dagger, Small Sur and Oxter.

Hear Jeff wax sentimental about getting involved with the Baltimore underground music scene in his mid 40s and Justin try to explain the message behind the Baltimore City Paper’s “Best Song of 2007″ and the definition of “post hardcore-punk” without sounding like a total idiot.

Beatbots AV Club: An Audio Archive of Baltimore’s Up-and-Coming Bands
Much of the brilliance of Baltimore’s independent music scene exists beyond the view of a casual music fan. Semi-secretive performances in warehouses, lofts and basements are often the norm for the city’s young artists. An online forum called Beatbots AV Club is recording Baltimore’s underground concerts, but not for posterity; it’s just for the love of the music. Tom talks with Beatbots founder Justin Blemly and AV Club Chief Engineer ‘Jeff the Taper’ Mewbourn.

Beatbots A/V Club interview on WYPR (Download)


A short interview with local filmmaker Steve Yeager, a presenter and panelist at the Maryland Film Festival, and the director of Divine Trash, and award winning documentary about John Waters’ early career.

An interview with director Mary Bronstein about her movie Yeast.

A short interview with filmmaker Liz Miller about her documentary.

An short interview with Martha Shane and Josephine Decker.