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Podcast: Is This Racist? (Episode 4)

Posted in Audio, Podcast by Beatbots on August 5th, 2010

Is This Racist?

Episode 4

Emily Slaughter and Mickey Freeland, Baltimore’s ultimate and penultimate authorities (respectively) on Race and Racism have teamed up to bring you an exciting and intellectually stimulating new episode of their podcast: Is This Racist? Over the course of roughly an hour, Emily and Mickey will play us potentially un-PC songs from all corners of the past century of popular culture and determine, once and for all, which are deserving of the “Racist” stamp. Join them for an inane hour of discussion, argument and nutty music on their new podcast. Enjoy!

Contact Emily and Mickey: isthisracist@gmail.com


Download: Is This Racist? (Episode 4)

6 Responses to “Podcast: Is This Racist? (Episode 4)”

  1. Dave Says:

    Like your podcast, keep it up. You should play “Rednecks” off of Randy Newman’s concept album Good Old Boys. Great album if you never heard it.

  2. Emily Slaughter Says:

    Thank you for the suggestion! I we will definitely check that out. Sounds like it might be an “interesting” song about class issues within a race.

  3. Elvin Says:

    Turning japanese is about beating off! What do you mean “about nothing”?????

  4. J.M. Giordano Says:

    This is the best kept secret in Bmore! Love it!

  5. Nate Says:

    Ike & Tina Turner had an albumback in the day with their faces in white paint with a watermelon - an exact identical of the above picture just the characters were different…so I am not clear where you are going with this asking the questions is this racist? racist is a way of thinking, not in a picture.

  6. Emily Slaughter Says:

    In response to the Ike and Tina comment. Yeah, we are aware of the album cover and our image pays homage to it. That was the point. And, yes, racism in pop culture, specifically music, is the theme of our entire (now retired) show. It is indeed a big issue, that goes way beyond a single image. It’s more than a way of thinking, throughout history, particularly in the United States, it has been a way of life. People have always been affected by racist ideas and concepts and it’s pretty clear we still are.

    Also, it’s really cool to check back in after like a year and see people are still listening to the podcast. If Mickey and I could only get our shit together, we could continue doing it. We’ll seeeeeeee.