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Archive for February, 2010

Art Department

The Art Department


Baltimore, MD

November 28, 2009

1. Get On
2. Thus Always to Tyrants Rex and Stegasori
3. We Are In Court
4. On A Sidewalk Tepid
5. New to Coffee
6. I Am Yr Censor/ Let’s Imply Stuff
7. Pains Me
8. Carolyn
9. Second Nature
10. Standin’ Around

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Taper: Ben Bass (baltimoreloveland@gmail.com)

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Guy Werner lives in Baltimore and messes with video on occasion. When he isn’t taping a local band’s set or making a bad video installation he is working in the “event industry” or at the Metro Gallery. Guy produces the Baltimore talk show “The Ed Schrader Show” which can be funny every so often. He also does video for the “Mobtown Modern” series and is one of the curators of “Videopolis”, a film and video festival held yearly at the Metro Gallery.

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Jon Salvia is a Masters student in Film and Video at American University in Washington, D.C.

My friend Gayla Lee is a glass artist based out of Annapolis, MD. She creates beautiful platters, jewelry, and assorted glass based art. The idea was to film her creation process and tell her story. She was kind enough to let me do this short documentary bio on her for a film school project. Check out her work at gaylalee.com and support an aspiring artist!