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Archive for November, 2009

An Hour of Kindness is a Baltimore-based 1 hour monthly program that includes live performances by up and coming bands and videos by a monthly featured artist. The show is produced by Polygon Tree, a Baltimore video production company. For this forth episode in the series, AHoK set its sights on Baltimore improv IDM wizards, Polygons. Parts 2 and 3 after the jump. Enjoy!

Hour of Kindness- Episode 4- Polygons- Improv Track 1 from Polygon Tree Productions on Vimeo.


Ecstatic Sunshine - Yesterday's Work

Ricky Rabbit, beatmaster for DC’s Food for Animals, sent us this remix he did of Ecstatic Sunshine’s 7″ single “Turned On” - a cut off their new “Yesterday’s Work” LP on Hoss Records. A mash of Rabbit’s mutant space disco and Ecstatic’s splatter paint digit├ília, it’s hard to say where one ends and the other begins. In other words: solid all the way around. Check it out …


Download: Ecstatic Sunshine - Turned-On (Ricky Rabbit Remix)

Is This Racist?

Episode 1

Emily Slaughter and Mickey Freeland, Baltimore’s ultimate and penultimate authorities (respectively) on Race and Racism have teamed up to bring you an exciting and intellectually stimulating new podcast entitled: Is This Racist? Over the course of roughly an hour, Emily and Mickey will play us potentially un-PC songs from all corners of the past century of popular culture and determine, once and for all, which are deserving of the “Racist” stamp. Join them for an inane hour of discussion, argument and nutty music on their new podcast. Enjoy!


Download: Is This Racist? (Episode 1)