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Sir Richard Bishop & His Freak of Araby Ensemble
The Talking Head
Baltimore, MD
June 11, 2009

Source: Peluso CEMC6/ck4(card)>PS-2>AD-20>NJB3
Transfer: NJB3>PC>SF-7>Wav>FLAC
Taper: Jeff Mewbourn (jm292@yahoo.com)

1. Aziza
3. Enta Omri
4. Essaouira
8. Barbary
10. Kaddak El Majass
14. audience
15. E:

Lineup:Oaxacan>Jana Hunter>Sir Richard Bishop
Sound: Matt Kramer

The audio files for this show have been removed.

9 Responses to “Sir Richard Bishop & His Freak of Araby Ensemble: The Talking Head; Baltimore, MD June 11, 2009”

  1. Richard Bishop Says:

    Yep, always the same crap with tapers. They never wait for permission, they’re just too damn excited to share their masterful skills with all you others out there. Patience would have been nice here but now, no permission will be granted but it really doesn’t matter does it? There won’t be a next time.

  2. murdock Says:

    I do believe Mr. Bishop just predicted an apocalypse on Baltimore. Great.

  3. 26 Says:

    oh boy.

  4. bodytong Says:

    way to go, taper jackoff. hope you enjoyed the last show you will ever see in Baltimore.

  5. Jeff Mewbourn Says:

    I apologize if the Richard Bishop who posted the comment is indeed Sir Richard Bishop (I don’t think so since the guy I met and spoke with at the club was totally not like that). It took me so long to respond because I didn’t know anyone had made any comments. Apparently comments are automatic or someone else approves them, just not me. So unless I come back to check comments, or Justin informs me on the message board “someone made a comment”, I wouldn’t know you left a comment. To be honest, I’m a bit surprised Justin or Dan hasn’t said something, or anyone in the message boards (you could sign in and post something yourself if you feel inclined)…I think there’s a size limit, so my comment continues…

  6. Jeff Mewbourn Says:

    The only reason I came back to this post (the only other time would have been to remove the audio after thirty days) was because I received an email from someone saying Richard was unhappy about it. But that person didn’t identify themselves as being associated with Richard. I explained myself to that person and if you are indeed Sir Richard, they will likely send you my message. I won’t respond here further because, to be honest, I don’t think you’re Richard…more like a Dick.

  7. Knowledge Says:

    lame excuse you arrogant prick

  8. J Says:

    As a big fan, I’m hoping it’s not Mr. Bishop’s replies here. Of course, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I’ve always found the anti-taping attitude from some artists to be a major turn off. It just reeks of vanity and is not dissimilar to Lars Ulrich’s unpopular MP3 position. As a big King Crimson fan, I always found it necessary to simply listen to the music and try to ignore Robert Fripp’s self-important protectionist attitude about his performances. I respect what he does, but really…get over yourself.

  9. jh Says:

    jeff does admirable and honest work. from what i know of him, richard bishop can’t possibly be behaving like such a dick. there are too many wasting voids on the internet to be certain of anything’s real source, but fuck it if somebody can’t handle something in a civil (and private) manner.