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Archive for September, 2007

Remember the handful of months earlier this year when HAC’s fate was uncertain? This show was supposed to be at the HAC, but because of the closing, it had to be relocated to a nearby church in Hamilton. It was a pretty good time considering, with a lot of bands, including Needle Gun, Couggar Jazz, Hazardous Guadalupe, Human Host, and an awesome lights show done by Imaginary Voyage. I really like the song Rosemary Krust performs in this video, and it’s been a favorite of mine ever since I put it up back in June. This was only their second show.


Earlier I said that I wasn’t feeling it during the Trockeneis set, and that’s true. But, this show turned out to be one of those shows that I didn’t like then, but I like now. It’s not something I’d put on to impress my friends (you’d need a video of Trockeneis to pull that off), but it’s definitely going in the rotation of music I like to listen to as background when I work on recordings.


The audio files for this show have been removed.

Audio, Podcast : Dubstep!

September 24th, 2007

An half-hour dubstep mix, with a little bit of traditional dub inside.

download here



Ok, so the kid doesn’t look like a leprechaun…give me a break, I’m a taper not a photographer and he was the closest I could find. As good as this recording sounds, only video would really give justice to Leprechaun Catering. Apart from the drums, I don’t think there was a single traditional musical instrument played. I wish I could tell you what they played, but I’m not even sure myself…Jason Willett started out playing something with his mouth and the sound it produced was identical to an upright bass. I think there was a xylophone with alumnium foil on top, but it was played more with the hands than mallets.

As continued evidence that I’m not doing my homework, I don’t know the names of the other two guys in Leprechaun Catering, or what instruments they play. And I don’t really know how to describe the music. Oddly enough, while they were playing, it didn’t strike me so much that they were making music, but more they were painting on a canvas. I’m not saying they produced a masterpeice, but it’s certainly better than a black velvet Elvis poster. And it was fun as hell to watch!

Leprechaun Catering
Baltimore, MD
September 21, 2007

Check out the setlist (not that exciting since it’s one track and improv)

The audio files for this show have been removed.

Retrospect and I tagged on Wednesday the 19th at Beyond. I split the three-hour live chillout set into six parts. Enjoy! Trip-hop, hip-hop, funk, rock, blues, jazz, reggae… It’s all here.

Part 1 can be downloaded here! - 37.9 MB, 41 minutes

Part 2 can be downloaded here! - 26.5 MB, 29 minutes

UPDATE 10/3: You can find the rest of the parts here!

     Photo by: eatsdirt

I had my reservations about making this recording public because there are several flaws (distortion) and Double Dagger had their reservations because they didn’t feel they played too well. In the end, DD decided to let the fans decide for themselves. In the words of the band,
“maybe you could add a note to the text file that says something like, “Double Dagger says: first 3/5 set is pretty terrible. last 2/5 is pretty good!” I agree, from No Allies to the end, this set smokes (but it drags after the first track…you can skip track 3 and be spared).

I thought this was, by far, the best lineup of local bands assembled for a day of music this year. And I’m sure many remarked that “this is the best lineup for Hampden Fest ever.”
Normally it would have been tough to decide which stage to plant myself at for the day, but the Atomic Stage was a no-brainer: Baby Aspirin (love em!), Jason Dove and The Magic Whip (I’ve seen Jason solo, but the full band is excellent!), The Secret Crush Society (my second time to see them, they were really good), Double Dagger (first heard them at Whartscape and they were one of the best acts of the festival), The Ubangis (my second time to see them), and my retarded boys The Dirty Marmaduke Flute Squad.

The other stages had some excellent bands, many of which I’m bummed I didn’t get to check out…even more bummed thinking that the sound at those stages was probably better than this one, but what can you do? To be honest, while the Flute Squad set is available here, I really doubt any of the other recordings will see the light of day.

Rather than talk about how excellent this recording sounds (for the most part) or how excellent the band rips through “Luxury Condos for the Poor” (recently voted City Paper’s Best of Baltimore “Best Song“), I’d like to take this time and space to bitch and moan for a moment. A long story short: this guy, who’s not in any of the bands, is shaking a yellow tambourine during Baby Aspirin, Jason Dove, Red Crish Society. A few minutes before Double Dagger was coming on, I asked a friend of his if he could stop. Normally while taping, I let the audience do whatever they do…I’m there to record the music and not interfere with other fans….though I had one show at The Depot where I paid a guy five bucks if he and his chatty friends went away.

Anyway, you can hear on the first track the tambourine in the background…this is after I asked that he not shake the tambourine. This guy was such an asshole that he walked over to the sidewalk near me, and continued shaking, and looking over at me. He continued that for a few minutes, but, thankfully, stopped and left as the first Double Dagger song hit the air. I think that sucks. Forget that I was taping, it was just rude behavior to shake the tambourine. And then to continue doing it, on purpose, is just shitty.

Thanks Shitty Tambourine Man, this set’s for you….


The audio files for this show have been removed.

This was the most incredible night of my life. At the very least, it was the most eventful. I, along with several other people, duped the Recher Theatre into letting us perform on a bill with a bunch of shitty pop punk bands. They were predisposed to hating us because we had so many members. They had no idea what was to come next. For half an hour, we yelled, we kicked, we fought, we fell, we sang, we chanted, we bearded, we sworded, we fucked up, we destroyed shit…needless to say, they were PISSED at us. By 9:00 pm, I had a gash on my right elbow, the left leg of my pants was split all the way up the side, my fake beard was in pieces scattered throughout the audience, and I had sung “Tubthumping” by Chumbawumba about three times to the crowd. These videos are a document of a night that will surely go down in history as legendary…the night when BEARDED MOTHERFUCKING SWORDS invaded the Recher Theatre and took a shit in their salad. FUCKING FUCK SHIT FUCK RUSH.

The Bearded Swords Ensemble is:

Mike Allison
Brian Averill
Christopher Babcock
Taylor Batton
Tyler Brock
Graham Crisler
Max Eilbacher
Sam Garrett
Ken Greller
Jeremy Johnson
Alex Mamunes
Jack Patterson
Timmy Shaw
N.O. Smith
Aaron Waesche

Dave Burrell


Dave Burrell
featuring Michael Formanek
An die Musik
Baltimore, MD
October 13, 2005

Dave Burrell-piano
Michael Formanek-double bass

Source: SP-C4>PS-2>AD-20>NJB3
Transfer: NJB3>PC>SF-7>Wav>SHN
Taper: Jeff Mewbourn (jm292@yahoo.com)

1. Intro>
2. Expansion>With A Little Time
3. Intro>
4. Crucificade*
5. 430 to Atlanta>They Say It’s Wonderful*#
6. Colorful Improv Jam*$
7. Coup d’Etat*
8. The Crave%
9. Fade to Black
10. Dialogue
11. Margie Pargie
12. The Box

*with Daniel Marcellus-drums
#Irving Berlin cover
%Jelly Roll Morton cover
$major distortion in drums (0:39-0:42)

The audio files for this show have been removed.